600mm x 400mm Seat/Door Inserts

Here is some info about our 600mm x 400mm (maximum size) patterns into seat/door insert materials. New ones are being added all the time and I regularly update the pattern list PDF I always add patterns we are working on or have finished on Facebook as well

We can sew any vinyl, leather or cloth with up to 12mm scrim foam or some harder grades of thinner foam (type of foam and thickness can really change the look, I like the 6mm pink foam with a thin cotton or polyester backing for a real defined look. It makes the seat hard to sit on though). 740mm x 510mm panels are required to fit my clamping system.


Contact us and let us know what material you are using, which pattern you would like and what you are using it for and we can advise which foam will work best.


We have a selection of Coats Dabond and Polyfil v138/Size 20, and also some Serafil and Durafix bonded polyester threads to choose from as well.  


We can resize all our patterns smaller, but most of them are designed as a pattern only and not a feature, so the borders are generally a little untidy on at least one side, due to shrinkage or start/finish.

We can also supply materials and labour to cut and glue.  And then send the complete finished product (pricing will depend on materials used).

Digital Inserts doesn't sell directly to retail customers, so feel free to direct them to our website. Your pricing will be whatever you can add to the job, consider it more a labour saver than comparing it to available patterned cloths, you have endless options of materials, colours, thread colours and patterns. Simple diamond patterns are probably not really worth getting us to do, but some of the more complex patterns are either impossible or just not viable for a trimmer to sew.

We will be doing runs of patterns in various materials every now and then at discounted prices. Which will save on freight shipping your material to us and time to cut and glue materials. 


We hope to hear from you soon, and if you have any patterns you would like to see designed, or any preference for a future discounted run,  let us know and I will see what can be done.

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